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X-Cross – if you could go back in time

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We’re were you last night? At around midnight?

My sympathies if you weren’t at the IFC movie theatre in NYC for the Subway Cinema’s ONLY screening of X-Cross.

A slice of synopsis from the Subway Cinema site:…two women go to a secluded hot spings resort as one recovers from a breakup, only to find that the resort is nothing but a–

front for a cult of inbred, backwater leg fetish maniacs who live to amputate female legs. Split up from each other, they keep in touch via cell phone with the action constantly rewinding to show us what’s happening from multiple points of view.X-treme female bonding as two young women wander into a village where young women are ritually mutilated. High gloss, high IQ survival horror at its twisty best.

Not really one for the gore films, I found this Japanese horror/thriller irresistably fun. The organizers of subway cinema say Director Kinji Fukasaku finally hits his stride with this one. I haven’t seen his flops, but have to concur on the greatness factor. X-Cross is slick and loaded with style, and the plot actually has PLOT to back up all of the twists. 

I enjoyed every minute of this film and hope… wish, er,  wish I could command everyone in the city to see as many films in Subway Cinema’s line up as possible. That the theatre was not sold out last night is a tragedy.

I know it’s gross and muggy outside. And why does it storm every Sunday the minute I start walking to the grocery store and reach the point of going too far to turn back? Nevertheless, Subway Cinema is going on until July 6th. The films screen at the Independent Film Center in the village and the Japan Center. If you’ve never been to the IFC, avoid the gray chairs with stars because they’re all broken. Otherwise it’s a clean, comfortable theatre. And it has a shimmery gun-metal curtain that pulls back just in time for the previews. Need I say more? 




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June 29, 2008 at 10:55 pm

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