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Happy Father’s Day – from Elvis

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Happy Father’s Day!

Last Father’s Day I found these German chocolate bars that I knew my dad would love. So I went to the post office and packaged three of the giant sized bars into a padded envelope with my card and sent it off to far away NJ.

It must have been a hot day because I remember stopping in the grocery store, Barnes & Noble, and the Tea Lounge on the way home just to stand in the air conditioning. When my dad called three days later to thank me for the envelope full of melted chocolate, I understood the post office lady’s smirk, especially after RC handed her his package of chocolate bars … addressed to India.

This story has a happy ending though. Chocolate may melt in the summer, but it also re-hardens in the freezer and I’m fairly certain it didn’t go to waste. Even if a few pieces tasted gluey and he mistook bits of envelope for marshmallow.

I do like to think that if I were a postal worker and some friendly, albeit absent-minded lady handed me an envelope of chocolate bars I would say, “Hmmmm, maybe movies tickets or a gift card would travel better.” or “Is this the kind of chocolate that doesn’t melt in the heat?” I don’t know.

It probably didn’t help that the return address was to Elvis.

How will I top last year? Not only should my surprise be either edible or breathing, it will definitely be belated, and perhaps life-size. And of course, it will arrive in a big mushy envelope by regular mail addressed to “Dad”.


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June 15, 2008 at 5:13 pm

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