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Happy 2008

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Happy New Year.

I had one of those I-almost-crashed-into-another-car experiences on the highway today. With my foot pressed as hard as I could press it against the brake, my body raised from the seat, hands clenched to the wheel, eyes wide and mind on my younger sister beside me and cat in the back seat…we stopped. I have no idea how we didn’t crash tonight, but somehow the car stopped.

After discovering the car has a brake problem, I continued home to my Brooklyn apartment with legs shaking.

How did the car stop in time to not crash? The car in front of us pushed forward. That car was full of people. Thankfully, the driver was watching his rear view. Thankfully, we weren’t rear-ended.

A car accident is no way to begin 2008.

A blog, which I’ve wanted to begin, is.


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January 2, 2008 at 3:58 am

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