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has the bank confirmed your existence lately?

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The bank is trying to tell me my younger sister does not exist. For the third day in a row I stood in line and waited with all of her private information in hand. I got the same teller all three times – a very nice young woman who smiles, hits buttons, and then looks me in the eye and says: she doesn’t exist.

I knock on wood. She does exist.

If only this teller could finish her sentence …in our records OR …in our system. But no, she is content to tell me my younger sister does not exist (period).

The situation is not dire- I’m simply trying to help a poor grad student home from Australia. I’ll get the money to her eventually.

But in the mean time… today I learned the teller’s name. I wrote it down. Tomorrow I will look her in the eye, and after she tells me my sister does not exist, I will take a que from Daniel Quinn and reply,

‘You are not Goliath’ (or whatever her name may be).


Written by abragoes

April 23, 2008 at 7:00 pm