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Research Day

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The library is open till 9pm tonight, which gives me about 2 ½ hours to read back issues of magazines and work on the leads for two queries.


NYC’s public libraries are institutions at their best. The 4th floor of the midtown library (not to be confused with the 42nd St beautiful research library across the street) has aisle after isle of back issues bound in hard cover by year. Some of these collections go more than 10 years back.


The key to getting work done at the library is to forget you’re at the library. Too often I’ll load my arms with 20 Plus books, bring them to a table, crack 3 open and then check out 10 and murder my back hauling these soon to be over-due library books onto the subway. It’s a vicious cycle.


My library card is a point of pride because it’s a design they don’t make anymore. Solid maroon. It’s a testament to how long I’ve lived in and learned from this city. Hopefully, someday soon, I’ll get to contribute more to New York’s wealth of culture.


Written by abragoes

January 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm