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Obama carries Wisconsin and Hawaii

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Barack Obama won his 10th victory in a row last night, after taking Wisconsin and Hawaii. Clinton is trailing Obama by less than 100 delegates. It’s still an extremely close race for the Democratic Nomination.

Voters in Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio, and Texas vote on March 4th.

A woman I have a lot of respect for mentioned that she’d be excited to elect our nation’s first female president. Perhaps it’s because I’m an Obama supporter that I haven’t engaged in this discussion yet. I understand the sentiment of wanting a female president to light up this country’s presidential history of white males, but the sentiment is worthless against the bottom line: I don’t want another mediocre-at-best president.

I like to believe that people vote with their guts – that raw place where brain, heart, and instinct agree.


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February 20, 2008 at 3:27 pm

From the Depths of Discontent

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4 Months left of my commitment to big media company. 120 days.

60 Minutes aired a piece on Denmark last night. A recent study shows that Denmark is the happiest country. Analysts and academics made the case that Dames are happiest because their expectations are low so they don’t live with the disappointment that others do. Dames have health care and free university, so making a lot of money is not a priority to them because they have access to care if they or family get sick and they don’t graduate into the hole of debt that so many American’s spend their adult lives shoveling out of with a spoon.


Danes shrugged off the happy label and said they were content. Content works for me. In fact, I would want to move to Denmark, if the population weren’t all white—I mean ‘homogenous’, which for better or worse is also credited with the country’s happiness level.


This story reminded me of a friend, I’ll call her Alice. Alice immigrated to Denmark a few years ago to accept an artist’s residency. She received a salary of 20,000 Euros, health care, housing, and a studio. At the time, this seemed like a dream. Paid enough money to live to be an artist. She didn’t have to be an artist ‘slash’ marketer ‘slash’ saleslady. Her job was to create her art.


Alice lasted two years before she immigrated back to the states. She now pays 2 NYC rents she can’t afford (studio & living space) and talks about lack of finances more often than not. And her work is on show at The Whitney.


Alice chooses to be here for the possibilities, and she won’t separate financial from artistic success. She’s making her art. If not happy, at least she enjoys not being frustrated everyday with a system that, though it worked as it was meant to, wasn’t conducive to her ambition.


The Dames also get 6 weeks vacation.


Why did 60 Minutes do this piece? A show that airs on Sunday night, when the majority of its audience watching has the Monday Dreads, doesn’t need to punch us in the face.


Thanks, Morley Safer. I’m confused & feeling like a sucker. Hope you’re happy.

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February 18, 2008 at 7:14 pm

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What will come of OH and TX

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According to CNN:

Barrack Obama now has 1,215 delegates

Hillary Clinton now has 1,190 delegates


Ohio and Texas are the next big primaries. Both campaigns have 3 weeks to reach voters who will get out and vote. According to ever-reliable polls, Clinton is favored in both states. This does not bode well for my gloating or Obama’s momentum, which could endure a speed bump, but that would make my Obama-slams-Clinton graph less dramatic.


How will Obama continue to drive his momentum to the voting booths? And does it matter?


I’ll never not vote, but the discussions on super delegates lately gives volume to the voice in the back of my head that always wants to measure the affect of my single vote.


A discussion on NPR Monday about these super delegates could have been scripted in Kafka’s Castle. One man, I think he is 22, is a super delegate who became a member of the DNC before he was 20. This fellow recently received a personal phone call from Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and went to lunch with Chelsea. He didn’t say anything about sleeping on hay in a bar, but I suspect he’s heading to the tea room today to attempt to survey the unsurveyable.


We won’t stop trying.

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February 13, 2008 at 5:02 pm

By Appointment Only

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A little troll terrorized the left side of my face this weekend. Not being a doctor, not knowing any doctors, and not having health insurance, I attempted to pull up my bootstraps and cure myself of this affliction.

First, the makeshift medical practitioner must pin point the source of the pain. I isolated this source to three possible locations – jaw, ear, brain.

Second, consume beverages and food of extreme temperatures, such as popsicles, tea, and cooling cucumbers.

Third, consult your peers. Go to Google, yahooanswers, and webmd. List your symptoms and wish for a medicine man to move next door.

Fourth, allow the mystical ways of the internet to lead you to a home remedy site that doesn’t promote the herbal pill of the month club.

Fifth, read all of the home remedies that apply to your symptom and proceed to devise your own cure by combining everyone else’s.

Sixth, Gargle hot water with salt then stuff dry oregano along the gums. Take 2 Advil. Apply Icy Hot to outside of face. Massage face. Apply icy hot again. Add two cloves to mouth concoction for good measure.

The result: I don’t know why, but I’m still in pain…though the swelling has gone down to be unnoticeable. And as long as I don’t speak, smile, or eat I’m fine.

Oddly enough, every time I went running this weekend I managed to shake the troll.

ABRA MILES – 17.2 / 42

TOTAL FOR 2008 – 59 / 500

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February 11, 2008 at 5:04 pm

What energizes you today?

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On January 1st, I sat in my window and made a long list of everything I would do this year to put myself in a better place mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My goal to run 500 miles this year came from this list, as did many lofty writing, reading, and meditation to-dos. From that cozy morning wrapped in a blanket with a warm cup of coffee, I regarded myself more as a house undergoing renovation than a person.

Only one month later, my house is looking shabby. Not only does it need a haircut and a weekend away, but perhaps I need to fire my unlicensed contractors and put someone else in charge…


My most important goal was to do Yoga daily. This has happened twice so far in the 39 days of 2008. I ought to get out of bed in the morning earlier and do it, but its not that simple… I need to trick myself out of bed.


Anyone who tries to surf may know what it’s like to sit on the board watching one wave after another rise, roll, and crash in the distance. You say out loud ‘I’m going in now’ and start towards shore as a large beautiful set emerges to carry you in.


I grew up by the Jersey Shore so I’ve been talking to waves and tricking nature all my life. Employing these same tactics on myself, in an effort to commit to my Yoga, I’ve come up with the following early morning self-deceptions:

  • You’ll go back to bed afterwards
  • You’ll go away this weekend
  • You’ll get a kitten


Imagine if we started each new month with the sense of possibility that we conjure every new year.

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February 8, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Happy Super Tuesday

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Ticker Parade + Super Tuesday = day I get no work done

There was no line this morning at my local poll place. Everyone I saw was over the age of 50, but maybe most people vote after work?

The voting booths are set up in the basement of a nearby school and without fail, every time I go to vote, there is a lunch table full of kids dipping those French toast sticks in syrup- I’m guessing their parents are working the booths.

I remember wanting Michael Dukakis to win because he looked like my dad (this was 1988 and I was 7). Because voting took place in our school, we always knew when the elections were going on. But beyond telling us he voted, my dad never discussed his candidates with us and I always presumed this is how it is for every family. That politics is a private thing.

Then I moved to NYC and discovered just the opposite; politics is as natural a topic for discussion as the weather.

I’m rambling. Sorry. Since changing my voter registration a few months ago from Independent to Democrat in order to vote for Barack Obama today, I’ve spoken with a lot of strangers about unique factors that inform a vote. At first I felt obligated to convince Clinton supporters why Obama is a stronger candidate, but I’ve found a better use of my time in educating people who may not vote at all because working to bring out otherwise silent voices feels more important.

Last night I discovered the my dad will be voting for Obama not because he knows anything about him, but because he deeply loathes Clinton. My sister will be voting Clinton in PA because she’s a woman (period). I’m going with my gut and voting Obama. What are your key factors?

In my mind, I asked everyone I passed this morning to vote for Obama. I don’t know if they heard me though, the Giants fans were rather distracted.


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February 5, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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Yes We Can

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Check this out:

Regardless of your candidate, you can find most voting locations here:

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February 4, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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