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Green stuff tastes good

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Its true, and I’ll never say it’s not. A friend keeps pushing the newest Vegan Manifesto on me, Skinny Bitch. I’ve only read a preview on google books so far. I’m resisting reading this book, but it made a strong impression on her- strong enough that she cut out dairy and red meat from her diet. Granted she’s lactose intolerant.

Food confuses me, and I know labels deceive me into thinking I’m making healthy choices. But books about food scare me in an existential, nihilistic way.

I’m more inclined to read The Omnivore’s Dilema, on Jen Miller’s recommendation, than Skinny Bitch. For one, I really hate the title and tone of Skinny Bitch. I get that the voice is written to convey a skinny bitchy voice, but as the subject matter attempts to shed a new perspective on our consumption, and many people have such an intimate relationship with food, I think tone could stand to be less judgmental on the reader. I actually felt myself getting defensive.

As a vegetarian, I flip flop daily on will I won’t I take vitamin supplements, especially since adopting a regular running schedule. I recently cut out soda from my diet and will choose tofrutti over ice cream this summer because I like it. The decisions are not made with conviction. Like running, writing, and meditation, I’m grabbing fragments of facts from media, trying it, and seeing what sticks. But shouldn’t the food we eat be the result of conviction, thought, and even sacrificing taste for health – with the hope that taste will be acquired?

As I try to keep an open mind on how to improve my diet for the long run, and maximize the fuel I get from food AND not be seduced by the comforts of fried butter, I return to Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations every night before drifting into dreams of pig cheeks wrapped in bacon…and wake up hungry for what tastes good.

In the end, I’m sure I’ll succumb to reading, though disliking, Skinny Bitch. I guess in order to sell books, authors must exposit strong all-or-nothing opinions. Ultimately, in order to take in perpetually developing and repositioning information on food, I’ll need to work on a food philosophy beyond: I eat what I like.

While my summer plans are up in the air, I’m definitely looking forward to visiting family in Jersey and swinging by U-Pick Farms on the hunt to replace such family points of pride/guaranteed heart attacks as Bacon Bread. But getting my non-reading dad to pick up a vegetable and cut down on his 3X/s a day meat on meat diet will be a whole other challenge, but one worth taking on.


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April 8, 2008 at 2:32 pm

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