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Michael Bay stole my dream job

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rosemary's baby

Original movie poster – wikipedia

I’ve read in several different entertainment trades that Michael Bay intends to remake Rosemary’s Baby. That’s like washing down a fine wine with Limca.

Roman Polanski’s masterpiece is as much about what you don’t know about the characters as what you do. I suspect he will squash the internal friction of an expecting mother questioning the innocence of what’s growing inside of her and ham up the whole ‘I’m giving birth to Satan’s baby, where’s my Lipton tea’ bit.

More importantly, who will he cast? Marion Cotillard?

Michael Bay could not possibly improve upon this movie. Why don’t they just re-release the original? Or have a woman direct it. I demand to know who chose Michael Bay over say, moi…



Written by abragoes

March 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm