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It’s Obama’s time

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Long time no blogging! Sorry, but very busy with big news that I hope to share soon.

I’m eating ice cream @ 12:45am, typing one-handed on a proposal due tomorrow morning, and I finally gave in to temptation to check email. I know, I’m weak.

I’m thrilled by the news that Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for President of the Unites States, he told me in an email just over an hour ago. Jealous?

Won’t admit I’m surprised, but the cynic in me is. The unjade-able gloater in me will not wait for tomorrow to call my part Republican and part Clinton-supporting family to gloat, I’m calling them right now.

Anyone of you lurking-loos working for the campaign? I’ll be working to win over the great state of PA, target #1: my sister who’s not answering her phone for some reason.

Back to work!


Written by abragoes

June 4, 2008 at 4:44 am