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200 Miles

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Cheers to me. I broke 200 miles recently. That’s 200+ miles ran thus far in 2008.

To put it in perspective:

The Earth’s diameter is 8000 miles. So if I run what I’ve already ran this year 40 more times, I’ll have run the earth’s diameter.

Since January, I’ve logged as many miles as two Ultra-marathoners. But I prefer to equate my strides to about 64.5 5ks.

Is it a runner-thing to count miles? Cyclists I know pat themselves on the back when they do 40 miles here, 20 miles there…but I don’t know any who keep a running tally. Perhaps it’s a runner/writer thing? Counting words, counting miles- it means something to the do-er. Assuring there is substance to the ground beneath my feet.

The sum may not reflect the ultimate question of craft that never really stops tapping behind the eyeballs: Am I getting any better?

The sum does report effort. Gives you marks to celebrate and numbers to rattle off when family wonders why you never call.

I was running 200 miles. Hello?

All but 6 of these miles were ran in NYC – Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the handy, boring treadmill. Very little hill training so far, but I am mastering running along the Hudson River without falling in.


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May 20, 2008 at 4:36 pm

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