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There’s something quite satisfying in creating lists, perhaps because it helps you pull all of those fragments, those ‘note to selves’ & scribbles on napkins, into one place. Title your list and print it out and every bullet of intention becomes final – something you are committed to doing if for no better reason than to cross it off the list.

My almost-daily runs afford me the time and patience to massage problems. Even when I’m not consciously trying to come up with a solution, running puts things in perspective so worries get to breathe.

Because of running I: breathe better, eat healthier, get sick less … and write more. The obsessive tendencies of writing are also driving my running. When running, I’m thinking about running- conditioning, finishing marathons, seeing the world on foot- and putting this all into lists.

New-ish runners focused on building endurance ought to try making lists while running. It forces your mind into repetition. I find that my breathing syncs with my body best when my mind is preoccupied. Just don’t fool yourself into delusions of multi-tasking. At the end of the run, most of these lists are useless. The 25 Worst Books I ever read, for instance, did nothing for me.

My list of the moment is vague and open to suggestions. (Hoping to find some great runs mentioned in First Marathons):

Favorite Places To-Run

  1. Pacific North West (Haven’t been yet, but I want to run every inch of this region)
  2. Grand Canyon (Haven’t been yet, but I will. Oh yes)
  3. Jersey Shore (I’ve only ran Ocean City’s so far)
  4. Manhattan Waterfront (My favorite paths so far include 125th down the west side, along the southern tip, and up to the Brooklyn Bridge)
  5. Boston through Charles River Park (been here, but haven’t ran it yet)

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May 19, 2008 at 7:33 pm

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