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Theatre or another NYU dorm?

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It’s a really hard choice.

Do I go to the village to see Theatre? Yes

Will I go to see NYU dorm and more law classrooms for NYU…NO

Will the village continue to be a place of culture amidst NYU’s increasing shadow?

More often than not I’m embarrassed to say I’m an alum of NYU. Because by attending university I contributed to the monster. Not to be too dramatic, but that’s how it feels. Particularly now, as their expansion plans for the next 20+ years are announced and the village looks like it will completely disappear beneath dorms and classrooms.

On the list of buildings to be gobbled up in the name of NYUs manifest destiny: The Provincetown Playhouse. I had my first reading here. Perhaps more of note, Eugene O’Neil staged his first plays here.

This blog by Leonard Jacobs articulates the situation better than I.


Here’s part of what I wrote to President of NYU John Sexton, with this letter:

I graduated Tisch Dramatic Writing in 2003. I dug myself into a deep hole of debt to study playwrighting and theatre at NYU, and thanks in part to you, the spaces that existed just a few years ago for me to stage my work are Gone. History implies that the University will do as it pleases, continuing its expansion … I am disappointed in and ashamed of my alma mater. … the theatre community gives more to the city than NYU’s dorms and extra classrooms. It gives more to the city than it will ever get in return. Theatre is not about ROI. This community shines in your shadow, and you will not be able to replace what you will lose by tearing down the Provincetown Playhouse.


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May 2, 2008 at 4:41 pm

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