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Sorry, but I can’t talk about the 5k I’m going to run tomorrow because it’s my first and if I talk about it I’ll jinx it and probably loose my Mizunos or my lucky laces. I don’t really have lucky laces.

I do have a lucky pin I use to carry around – not wear. Running’s not conducive to wearing this pin and I wouldn’t want to carry it because it’s in the funny shape of a rabbit. And I lost it a long time ago.

But now I’m paranoid, should I have a lucky something for running? Superstition is prevalent in sports. It hints to that magical element that brings mystique to the moment. Because no matter how hard you train or bad you want to either reach your goal or squash your opponent, there’s an unpredictable nature to sports. And here luck comes in to play.

They’ve already changed the course, which I ran last weekend. More people are registered than I thought would be. If it rains. If I don’t eat because I’m nervous and therefore don’t have any energy. If I do eat too much and can’t put one foot in front of the other. If someone steps on my feet on the subway. If my cat accidentally cuts my throat with his well intentioned claws. If I’m just unfocused or having a bad breathing day…

That’s what I get for not having a lucky something to divert pre-race misfortunes.

That I’m not concerned with my speed is helping. But if you see something easy like a lucky paper clip lying around, send it my way please.

Tell me – Do you have a lucky something?


42+ miles in April

Total for 2008 —180 / 500 miles ran


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May 2, 2008 at 6:32 pm

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