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Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, pronounced

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Just a note to wish congratulations: Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson married earlier this month.

Both Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are heroes of mine. Artists of all mediums: musicians, multi-media creators & producers, writers…Laurie received the first fellowship from NASA. She builds her own violins.

If I could squish any two people in the world together and BE them, it would be Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. I would also settle for a long conversation. I have settled, however, for a friendly encounter a few years ago:

Any theatre person in NYC will tell you that just because your pockets are empty doesn’t mean you can’t see good theatre. One way to do so is by volunteer ushering. You show up an hour early, take people’s tickets and get to see the show for free. You usually meet like minded people and have an interesting time because everyone talks to ushers. They’re approachable.

So there I am at St. Anne’s Warehouse on a Sunday afternoon taking tickets for Cynthia Hopkin’s new show Accidental Nostalgia. Smiling, taking tickets, pointing to seats. Turn around and Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are standing there, both in sweatshirts holding a diet coke and rice wrapped in seaweed, hair ruffled.

I had to sit in front of them during the show so I wouldn’t stare at their hair the whole time, styled in what hipsters refer to as ‘pieces’. I didn’t subject them to my gushing. I didn’t even tell them where their seats were. I guess I froze, but I prefer to think I respected their, uh, privacy.

A few months later, I found their contact info in a rolodex that wasn’t mine, & sent them both a letter offering them parts in a show- still waiting for that reply. Or maybe my letter was lost in the mail?

Anyway, I wish them the best.


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April 24, 2008 at 7:16 pm

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  1. How cool would it have been if they’d have had kids?

    Ah, the world will be a more boring place because they didn’t …


    April 24, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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