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Grandma says: Get outside

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It’s a beautiful day. Warm, bright, and 9-10 weeks from launching Mission Freelance.

In honor of Earth Day and my Grandma’s birthday, my goal today was to not use plastic. Not once.

Let’s see the many ways I’ve failed to save the planet today:

-plastic lid on my coffee to-go cup

*could have brought my own travel mug (though the lid and lining are plastic, they’re not immediately thrown away)

-plastic bags our lunch was delivered in

*could have picked up my own lunch and put it in a reusable bag or even better – brought my own lunch

-magazine purchased not printed on recycled paper

*could have not purchased the mag. could have read some content online..I’m trying to figure out if pubs printed on special tree farmed paper really are more green because they use less energy than recycling.

That’s it. What did I do that was positive? I carried my library books instead of taking a plastic bag…happy birthday, Grandma.


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April 22, 2008 at 9:11 pm

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