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Happy Poetry Month, Allen Ginsberg

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April is poetry month. Poetry and plays are my first love – I am remiss for not acknowledging this sooner in the month. I blame the IRS for distracting the country.

What came first: Taxes or Poetry?

Last night, instead of adding a final smiley face to a query letter, I picked up an old collection of Emily Dickinson and read poems. Skipping around, jotting down ideas, re-reading and re-reading and reading out loud.

I read poems when they come to me randomly, but I haven’t sought a poet’s work out since I can’t remember when. It was good.

Then I picked up Robert Frost to read about blueberries and swinging from trees. And then it was late, but I went to my very very first love… the first time I had to re-read a poem… and then read it out loud… and then stare at the sentences and find the poet’s picture and read everything else he’d ever written. My first love was Allen Ginsberg.

The first adaptation I ever wrote was Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ – into a 30 minute screenplay (that was not only the first painful thing I’d ever written, but my first time winning any kind of writing award). Closing scene: a young immigrant girl in a 1930s NYC street market with a stolen orange in one hand and waving with the other.

Ginsberg taught at Brooklyn College, but sadly passed away in ’97. His poems continue to shade and humanize my perception of NYC. His poems showed me what writing can be, really writing, the act in which you cannot stop, responding to life with a point of view. He showed the world a form of human expression that, even at its most vulnerable, ignites (for lack of a better word).

I also love his grin.

Thank you for writing, Allen Ginsberg.


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April 16, 2008 at 6:23 pm

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