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Possible Democratic Debate April 27 CBS

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If you could ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama one question, what would it be?

AP Reports: Hillary Clinton agreed to an April 27 debate on CBS, which would follow 60 minutes. TV Newser says Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer would moderate. Barack Obama has not yet accepted the invitation.


If you caught Couric’s 60 Minutes interview with Condoleeza Rice this fall, you can imagine what we’re in store for on the 27th.

“Mr. Obama, tell me, what’s you favorite kind of pie?”

“Ms. Clinton, do you ever get tired of wearing red?”

“Mr. Obama, if you could be Ms. Clinton for a day, what would you wear and would it also be red?”

“Ms. Clinton, would you still wear red if you weren’t you, but if you were Barack Obama? And if you were Barack Obama, do you think you’d be beating you? And if in fact you were Barack Obama, hypothetically, what kind of pie would you like most of all?”

I’m not a fan of anyone who gets paid $16 million to sit across from our National Security Advisor and inquire about her dating life. And worse: failed to ask one question that gave Rice a moment of pause, let alone make her squirm.

But I am glad there will be another debate between the two. At this stage, there could be a make or break moment, hopefully not in the form of a scream.

I support Barack Obama. That said, I’ve watched most of the Democratic debates on YouTube and I still have questions for both candidates.

But when I try to choose my most important question, that would help undecided voters decide once and for all, I draw a blank. In my opinion, politicians are like Opera: the whole is better than the pieces.

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you tune into a debate seeking a defining moment, perhaps that’s why Dean’s scream had the affect it did.



Written by abragoes

April 4, 2008 at 4:38 pm

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