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Conflicting Vices

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If you’re like me, you justify those vices you indulge in by patting yourself on the back for those you don’t: I drink coffee, but it’s not like I smoke. I drink whiskey and wine but, remember, I don’t smoke.

Maybe I give myself too much credit for not smoking? But aren’t we all entitled to a vice or two? Even the word ‘vice’ sounds so much better plural: Vices

While I have no intention of parting with my morning, noon and night coffee OR my red wine OR my New Zealand Cabernet OR my increasingly rare glass of Whiskey, I am noticing my body’s confused response to the combination of consuming the above, maintaining my writing schedule, and running 12-15 miles/ week.

I truly did read that black coffee is good for runners. It was in an article posted at my gym. Granted, the article was faded and possibly several years old, but it does feel good to down a cup or two before a run. The article said that it boosts your metabolism and gets your energy up. I’ve never had the problem of crashing after drinking coffee, but I imagine that those who do would find that the natural adrenaline from running kicks in in time to keep one foot in front of another.

An element of red wine, according to a recent Barbara Walters special on living to 150 (featuring mostly pharmaceutical scientists), when concentrated at 1000 Xs the natural dosage, expands life expectancy for 20-30 years by turning on the cells that go after damaged tissue. (I’m not a gambling gal, but I would bet all that the pharma companies are scouting vineyards as we speak, planning to grow bio-engineered grapes that will make us live to be a thousand, turning us into human-pharma crops without a natural organ or skin cell left.)

Unfortunately wine also makes me sleepy. Coffee runs through my veins more often than blood so its affects are minimal (I just love it). And I’m pretty sure that more than a glass of Whiskey is in no way good for anyone…

So this leaves me looking to expand my vices to include a few healthier options that feel as comforting and luxurious as they do spirited with attitude, ala F* it.

Running Update for April: 6 / 42 miles

I’ll certainly share should I find any.




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April 2, 2008 at 6:02 pm

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