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Writing and Taxes par-tay

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Am I the only freelancer who procrastinates doing taxes? It seems everyone was giving tips back in February, when I still had a glorious month and a half to procrastinate.

This year, about ¾ of my income was from freelancing. The terms ‘1099’ and ‘huge stack’ do not belong in a happy sentence together.

You can avoid this fate and continue writing in your home office IF you set your rates right, among other things. This is a biggie for me this year.

Granted, when it comes to pitching I’ll be more than happy to take any assignment because I only query pubs I want to write for. But when it comes to taking on copywriting and other business writing related clients, the fee scale is as wide and low as the skill level of every freelance writer vying for business.

This week, in addition to knocking out my taxes, I’m researching ways to find and target the best clients for me:

-updating and polishing portfolio, with a spin on the services I am quickest with

-calling through the first quarter of my rolodex

-industry specific inquiries

And as for my website? It’s coming in May, though it may be the equivalent of a bad-ass stick figure waving.

Tax tips for procrastinator-aficionados anyone?


Written by abragoes

March 31, 2008 at 9:24 pm

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