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I was summoned for jury duty. Normally, I’d happily comply, but at the time I’m not able to take a few days off to do so…and instead of calling the office right away I went ahead and lost my papers.

Today was my call in day. I had no information on me and convinced myself on the subway that I’d be fined $1000 and possibly thrown in prison.

The King’s County Court has a phone number online that you can call and post-pone your jury duty for up to six months, but I didn’t have my juror index number. I had no choice. I had to call the court clerk’s office, which I dreaded.

After my own court case this past November, I never ever ever ever ever wanted to enter another court building ever again. My encounters with court clerks thus far left me convinced that everyone working in those offices eats babies for breakfast.

But I had to call. Remembering what I learned from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, that, when you know you’ve dropped the ball, others aren’t so hard on you if you are first hard on yourself. State your flaws for them, and human nature will flip their response and have them looking for ways to support you.

So I called and apologized for not having my information,and explained that I needed to post-pone my service. Then I ducked from the fire that would surely burst through the phone.

Without pause, the woman asked me, ‘When would you like to serve?’ She was completely helpful and understanding. She didn’t raise her voice, or treat me like I was 5-yrs old.

I am happy to report: there’s a woman in Brooklyn right now in an ugly office under flourescent lights, maybe drinking tea with cream and three sugars, who made my day.




Written by abragoes

March 13, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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  1. The best part about jury duty in Camden County, NJ is that they have free wireless internet. I served on the day after the Sopranos finale and read screeds from outraged fans, and watched TV shows online. Not a bad break of a day!

    Jen Miller

    March 14, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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