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Gotta go outside – STAT

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You’re at a place you’ve never been before. Under a vast sky with no buildings in sight. Still out of breath, you only wish you could open your eyes wider. There’s no place in the world you’d rather be, and there’s noone who could make you leave before you’re ready.

As no two days in the outdoors could ever be exactly the same, the photos we take capture how we experience a place- its texture, pace, sound, the taste of the air.

Though most of us can’t take the next flight out to the Grand Canyon, the beauty of the Great Outdoors is that, in some form, you are always only a train ride away. For instance, this summer, I discovered that a 45 minute train ride North out of Grand Central will put me on the Appalachian Trail, and lead the unsuspecting hiker through a field of bulls no less.

It may still be cold, but suck it up. National Geographic Travel is giving us until March 15th to submit the greatest outdoor photo ever.

Intelligent Travel wants to know if you can beat the competition…

ABRA MILES – 10 / 42 for March


Written by abragoes

March 12, 2008 at 2:05 pm

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