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Download Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children today

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Today is the last day to download Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children.

A very wise woman once said: If it’s for free, it’s me. And I have to agree.

Neil Gaiman is offering a free download of American Gods for the next month as well.

A PDF will never be more enjoyable than an actual book in your hands, but I’m liking this trend of free book downloads.

Most of the free downloads I’ve seen lately are only available temporarily. And because I like to read and I like free, this is the first time I’ve ever sought out books with a sense of urgency. Often, once a book is published, I know I will most likely be able to find that book whenever I get around to buying or checking it out of the library. Years can pass between a book hitting the shelves and me taking it home. But these downloads are a bone for the curious appetite.

Books are one of my favorite objects in the world, but what I like most about these temporary downloads is that they exist one day–available with a click–and they’re gone the next and what remains is the story you read–not the book or the soft pages you wrote notes one minute to forget about the next.


Written by abragoes

February 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm

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