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Obama carries Wisconsin and Hawaii

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Barack Obama won his 10th victory in a row last night, after taking Wisconsin and Hawaii. Clinton is trailing Obama by less than 100 delegates. It’s still an extremely close race for the Democratic Nomination.

Voters in Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio, and Texas vote on March 4th.

A woman I have a lot of respect for mentioned that she’d be excited to elect our nation’s first female president. Perhaps it’s because I’m an Obama supporter that I haven’t engaged in this discussion yet. I understand the sentiment of wanting a female president to light up this country’s presidential history of white males, but the sentiment is worthless against the bottom line: I don’t want another mediocre-at-best president.

I like to believe that people vote with their guts – that raw place where brain, heart, and instinct agree.


Written by abragoes

February 20, 2008 at 3:27 pm

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