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Weekend in Bay Head

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Bentley Inn Bay Head

We left Manhattan Friday night and arrived at The Bentley Inn B&B around 10PM. You can take NJ Transit directly to Bay Head from Penn Station (we stopped in South Jersey first to high-five family).


Usually I leave the city for a change of scenery and pace so my only consideration of sleep accommodations is location and how cheap a deal I can find. This is the first B&B I ever stayed in and the experience was refreshing.


Not only was I surprised at how affordable The Bentley Inn is this time of year, I could hardly wait to try their caramelized French toast.


Both my companion and I are lousy with directions. The relief we felt upon finding the place without making one wrong turn vanished on what we thought was first sight of our home for the weekend. Where was that ‘1886 Mansion’ shown on the website?


We sat in the car and stared at a cavernous house with peeling paint, turned over chairs, and crooked windows. I walked up to the front porch to double check the house number and became Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween when she walks up to the Michael Myers house in the first 5 minutes of the movie: someone was watching me… The porch creaked and for that I’m-a-girl-in-a-horror-movie reason, I lingered on the front porch staring into the black windows covered in sheer white drapes.


Fortunately, my companion thought to double check the address before we broke into this home, appropriately shut down for the winter. We looked across the street and saw the actual Bentley Inn with its lit driveway and welcoming lights on inside- believably an 1886 mansion.


Our 2nd floor room, the Rand Alan, was clean, comfortable, had a door onto the house’s wrap around porch, and a view of the creepy house across the street to boot. We shared the hallway bathroom with no one, as the other guests were staying at the other end of the home, away from the traffic.


The breakfast was tasty. Coffee & tea are offered all day. Glenn, the Inn Keeper, is a character out of a Jonathan Franzen novel; he makes honest eye contact and always seems to be up to something way more interesting than making breakfast for small talking strangers.


My hands froze during the obligatory beach walk, but you really can’t match the crispness of the Jersey Shore.


With just over 1300 full time residents in Bay Head, we were able to ride the Inn’s bicycles on wide streets with little traffic all the way to the tip of Point Pleasant. In the summer, you could spend the entire day riding to all of the antique shops sprinkled from Bay Head to Point Pleasant, but most of these places were closed for the winter. The two that were open on Main Street had plenty of beach novelty souvenirs. I guess they were antiques…made of ancient shells and antique salt water taffy from the olden times of last week?


Bay Head is about 3 blocks wide, sandwiched between ocean and bay. Side roads and bike paths led us over small bridges to docks and benches with wide views—good places to meditate.


I recommend going to Bay Head now before it’s oozing with sun tan oil. My favorite moments of the weekend were sitting on the Bentley’s 2nd floor porch drinking coffee at dusk, and riding bikes. As someone who didn’t learn to ride until the tender age of 21, I have many miles to make up for.

Pictures from Bay Head are forth coming.

ABRA MILES – 28 / 42 for Feb.

70 / 500 for 2008


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