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Happy Valentines Day

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HGTV Handmade Valentines

I was one of those girls in grammar school who handed out a homemade Valentine to everybody. With at least 25 classmates, those Valentines took days to color, cut, and paste. I wrote a little rhyme in each card and handed them out as though I was imparting a great gift.

Imagine my surprise when one of the few childhood friends I kept in touch with through college sent me a picture of the old Valentines I’d given her, and a thank you.

For one moment, strolling past the window displays of fifth avenue, I considered ordering Champagne truffles and buying a gift that I could wrap in red so I could feel I’d given the holiday its due. But that’s not the holiday I know.
I’m a sucker for crafts and any excuse to indulge…I baked fudge brownies and made a handmade Valentine, thankfully I only have one boyfriend not 25. We’re trying a new Indian Restaurant in Tribeca tonight so I’ll give you the tasty scoop tomorrow.

ABRA MILES – 24.2 / 42 FOR FEB

2008 Total – 66.7 / 500 miles


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February 14, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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