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What will come of OH and TX

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According to CNN:

Barrack Obama now has 1,215 delegates

Hillary Clinton now has 1,190 delegates


Ohio and Texas are the next big primaries. Both campaigns have 3 weeks to reach voters who will get out and vote. According to ever-reliable polls, Clinton is favored in both states. This does not bode well for my gloating or Obama’s momentum, which could endure a speed bump, but that would make my Obama-slams-Clinton graph less dramatic.


How will Obama continue to drive his momentum to the voting booths? And does it matter?


I’ll never not vote, but the discussions on super delegates lately gives volume to the voice in the back of my head that always wants to measure the affect of my single vote.


A discussion on NPR Monday about these super delegates could have been scripted in Kafka’s Castle. One man, I think he is 22, is a super delegate who became a member of the DNC before he was 20. This fellow recently received a personal phone call from Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and went to lunch with Chelsea. He didn’t say anything about sleeping on hay in a bar, but I suspect he’s heading to the tea room today to attempt to survey the unsurveyable.


We won’t stop trying.


Written by abragoes

February 13, 2008 at 5:02 pm

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