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What energizes you today?

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On January 1st, I sat in my window and made a long list of everything I would do this year to put myself in a better place mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My goal to run 500 miles this year came from this list, as did many lofty writing, reading, and meditation to-dos. From that cozy morning wrapped in a blanket with a warm cup of coffee, I regarded myself more as a house undergoing renovation than a person.

Only one month later, my house is looking shabby. Not only does it need a haircut and a weekend away, but perhaps I need to fire my unlicensed contractors and put someone else in charge…


My most important goal was to do Yoga daily. This has happened twice so far in the 39 days of 2008. I ought to get out of bed in the morning earlier and do it, but its not that simple… I need to trick myself out of bed.


Anyone who tries to surf may know what it’s like to sit on the board watching one wave after another rise, roll, and crash in the distance. You say out loud ‘I’m going in now’ and start towards shore as a large beautiful set emerges to carry you in.


I grew up by the Jersey Shore so I’ve been talking to waves and tricking nature all my life. Employing these same tactics on myself, in an effort to commit to my Yoga, I’ve come up with the following early morning self-deceptions:

  • You’ll go back to bed afterwards
  • You’ll go away this weekend
  • You’ll get a kitten


Imagine if we started each new month with the sense of possibility that we conjure every new year.


Written by abragoes

February 8, 2008 at 5:47 pm

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  1. I don’t know if I have a 500 mile goal, but I am going to run a 10 miler — if not the 10 mile part of the Ocean Drive marathon (at the Jersey shore) then Philly’s broad street run. Having a schedule helps.

    I also said I’d write more…running has been more successful!

    Jen Miller

    February 11, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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