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én szeretnék A kávét

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This may be Hungarian for ‘I would like a coffee’. But I don’t know. Though I would like a coffee, my Hungarian is nem jó.

I am not a natural when it comes to learning new languages. The harder I study, the more I morph my subject into a blob of sounds and conjugations baring not a breath of resemblance to the actual language. It took me three years of dedicated study to gain a passing understanding of French and German, to my college professors’ disappointment.

When I decided to teach myself Hungarian last year, I did so under the delusional presumption that this would be possible and perhaps easier than French and German because my ancestors were from Hungary (and Ireland).

My American-born Persian friend speaks Farsi, American-born Czech friend speaks Czech, and since I am the Hungarian in the bunch I feel entitled to the language. Unfortunately, Hungarian’s cold shoulder has taken to me instead.

As I listened to two Russian women speak broken English to one another, I decided to try another tactic. Since I’m too intimidated / embarrassed to go to the Hungarian House or even a Hungarian restaurant, I’m going on a hunt for a study buddy.

Just one study buddy? What if he/she turns out to be worse than me? Why not a small study group? And if I’m going to meet with a few people every week to discuss and study language, why shouldn’t these people be writers, who would also like to be my writers group? And we could read a book every week and discuss that, too.

A Hungarian speaking book reviewing writers group. Anyone wanna join? It’s not much of a commitment.

So what started out as a simple good idea instantly morphed into an unrecognizable blob of well intentioned nothing.

They say the problem in your writing is often the same problem in your life. Reading over my 2 page query of 5 pitches, I have to agree.


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February 7, 2008 at 5:54 pm

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