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Happy Super Tuesday

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Ticker Parade + Super Tuesday = day I get no work done

There was no line this morning at my local poll place. Everyone I saw was over the age of 50, but maybe most people vote after work?

The voting booths are set up in the basement of a nearby school and without fail, every time I go to vote, there is a lunch table full of kids dipping those French toast sticks in syrup- I’m guessing their parents are working the booths.

I remember wanting Michael Dukakis to win because he looked like my dad (this was 1988 and I was 7). Because voting took place in our school, we always knew when the elections were going on. But beyond telling us he voted, my dad never discussed his candidates with us and I always presumed this is how it is for every family. That politics is a private thing.

Then I moved to NYC and discovered just the opposite; politics is as natural a topic for discussion as the weather.

I’m rambling. Sorry. Since changing my voter registration a few months ago from Independent to Democrat in order to vote for Barack Obama today, I’ve spoken with a lot of strangers about unique factors that inform a vote. At first I felt obligated to convince Clinton supporters why Obama is a stronger candidate, but I’ve found a better use of my time in educating people who may not vote at all because working to bring out otherwise silent voices feels more important.

Last night I discovered the my dad will be voting for Obama not because he knows anything about him, but because he deeply loathes Clinton. My sister will be voting Clinton in PA because she’s a woman (period). I’m going with my gut and voting Obama. What are your key factors?

In my mind, I asked everyone I passed this morning to vote for Obama. I don’t know if they heard me though, the Giants fans were rather distracted.



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February 5, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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