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Controlling the clock

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Eli Manning

Photo Credit: Elsa, Getty Images on AOL Sports



A lesson learned from watching the Giants last night:

In addition to sacking Tom Brady 5 Xs and throwing the ball to David Tyree whenever I find myself in a Super Bowl game (the most beautiful catch I’ve ever seen), I learned a ripe lesson last night that I’ll feed right to my career…Controlling the Clock.


As Eli Manning said, the Giants were ‘Where you want to be [last night]’. With 2:52 minutes and possession of the ball, they were in a great position.


Eli Manning is fun to watch because his face is deceptively transparent. Right after the Patriots took the score to 14 – 10 in their favor, Eli seemed to totally loose focus for a few plays. And then you could see his concentration coagulate. The entire team was 100% mentally and physically present on the field, particularly for their final touchdown.


Imagine having a world Championship within reach, just beyond the fiercest competition in existence, with a thousand and one possible ways to try to get there. The Giants played decisively, and despite fumbles, they were steady and insistent. Not only did they control the clock for the first half, they controlled their tempo and weren’t thrown off balance when the Patriots pushed back.


This morning I squish the magic of last night’s incredible upset into my own tiny messy corner of the universe.


With a thousand ideas to pitch, and countless publications that I would love to write for, the temptation to drop one idea as soon as another ‘better’ one comes along, a bookshelf full of writers I both admire and humbly resent for doing what they do so well, and a home in NYC where you trip over opportunities feeling the pound of the pavement repeatedly without ever realizing another opportunity just sped by because for every opportunity there are hundreds of better writers on every corner snatching them up…

I put down my pen too often and fall off course. However loopy and pink with naiveté my course may be, if I don’t stay in the game regardless of rejection letters and the anxiety I feel every time a friend of mine gets a YES (I know I’m not alone here) I’ll never even have a chance at winning the Super Bowl or getting my byline in the same publication as Ms. Didion…

I need to get to where I need to be mentally and physically in order to do what I need to do. And then I need to sack those hundreds of better writers… I mean friends.

RUNNING UPDATE for Feb – 5.9 / 42

Total Miles 2008 = 47.9 / 500


Written by abragoes

February 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm

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