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Happy Leap Day

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It’s Friday February 29th and once again, I rock.


Queries – 10/10 for Feb. Only 20 for the year so far. (I intend to put more time and effort into my March pitches, but at least I’m hitting send more).


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February 29, 2008 at 3:08 pm

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Download Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children today

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Today is the last day to download Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children.

A very wise woman once said: If it’s for free, it’s me. And I have to agree.

Neil Gaiman is offering a free download of American Gods for the next month as well.

A PDF will never be more enjoyable than an actual book in your hands, but I’m liking this trend of free book downloads.

Most of the free downloads I’ve seen lately are only available temporarily. And because I like to read and I like free, this is the first time I’ve ever sought out books with a sense of urgency. Often, once a book is published, I know I will most likely be able to find that book whenever I get around to buying or checking it out of the library. Years can pass between a book hitting the shelves and me taking it home. But these downloads are a bone for the curious appetite.

Books are one of my favorite objects in the world, but what I like most about these temporary downloads is that they exist one day–available with a click–and they’re gone the next and what remains is the story you read–not the book or the soft pages you wrote notes one minute to forget about the next.

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February 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm

The Hump, my old friend

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With less than four months to go of building my freelance business back to a full time work load, I should be in GO mode writing and sending out queries. I should be on the freelance job boards trying to line up regular clients. Yet my website is a work-in-progress that’s not progressing, and I haven’t cracked open my Rolodex since November.

Where’s my track coach from high school? During spring training freshman year in high school, Mr. A transformed me from an ok student doing track for something fun to do with my friends into a serious athlete and student. He taught me to push myself hard, that I am nothing special, and to move with intention.

Passing another runner during my first 400 meter hurdle relay, and feeling another runner come up from behind to cross the finish before me affirmed coach A. 1) I was not the undefeatable, gifted miracle runner I wanted others to think I was. 2) I wasn’t bad, and had potential to improve.

If given only two words to define myself, I am a runner and a writer.

Coach A would hear my professional intentions, and look at what I do each day to get myself there, and he would laugh. He’d tell me to get changed, shut up and write.

You can pay people to coach you in anything, writing included. But I don’t need a motivating pep talk- though if given an ear to fill with whines I can always fill it. No. I know this place well.

Coach A reminds me that I am not a gifted genius writer who will succeed without sweat, lots of time on the clock, and a stack of rejection letters. But I can get there if I keep pushing. But unlike running, where the tangible to-dos are obvious, there are a thousand paths to success in writing. This doesn’t make success more likely, it makes finding your path sometimes overwhelming.

I’m curious to know what does and doesn’t work for you? How you maintain focus and productivity, especially in the face of a hump?

The operative phrase is: Apply bum to seat.


2008 ABRA MILES – 83.8 / 500 MILES

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February 26, 2008 at 4:00 pm

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Friday snow in the city

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My pics from Friday don’t capture that beautiful city covered in a blanket of fresh white powder that you see in the movies. I think any city is magical when it snows, but a snowy weekday in NYC leans more on the ugly-baby side of beauty. I thought I’d share them anyway…

Brooklyn looked nice in the morning (that’s my hand keeping me balanced an on my feet on the slippery sidewalks):


The subway puled into the station in all its icy glory:


The thrilling gray slush of Times Square (sigh):


Passing through Bryant Park from the library is hard to resist even when its frozen.

Because it’s alway good to look up:


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February 26, 2008 at 3:08 am

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It’s a She!

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I’m going to have a niece!

And it finally feels like winter.

My nephews are both in their teens so being an aunt is nothing new, but being an aunt to a girl will be. Maybe now they’ll finally be someone in my family I can beat at arm wrestling, at least for the next ten years.

So my sister and her husband haven’t agreed to name my niece Lorna yet, but I need to write a name down for July 4th. This gives me just over four months to get my act together so I can be Lorna’s favorite.

Qualities of a favorite aunt include – this is a list in progress- :

ability to make a baby blanket; a repertoire of songs to sing; getting my story published (Lorna wants this, too); willingness to travel to remote locales (because the baby will want me to have adventurous stories to tell, with my own photos); my play running for more than 6 nights (because babies just love the theatre)

Drive safely,

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February 22, 2008 at 11:10 pm

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Did you watch the Lunar Eclipse last night?

I threw my coat over my pjs and watched from the sidewalk because the contents of a neighbor’s living room were blocking our roof access.

It felt like hours, but I think I watched it for about 15 minutes before the cold drove me back inside. I imagine it was more vivid in any other place, but the view from Brooklyn wasn’t so bad.

Earth’s red shadow is an ominous shade. I’ll have a picture to share, but night pictures never do the sky justice.

“See the red dot there?”

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February 21, 2008 at 1:53 pm

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Pictures from Bay Head, NJ

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This is the view from the our Inn’s porch: Do big, empty, beautiful houses scare you, too?


Glenn’s Caramelized French Toast


Why they call Bay Head the Hamptons of NJ…


We saw a number of shells standing up along the shore:


Apparently, seagulls prefer the off-season, too.


Ode to mysterious, sandy boot:


We bribed the locals to let us ride past:


The tip of Point Pleasant:


Pizza, Pork Roll, Cheese Steak, Fresh Cut Fries – could a vegan ask for more?


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February 20, 2008 at 4:02 pm

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