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Boo: Shoe Shopping in NYC

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I have an annoying hole in my boot. My New York City essential, black flat boots, that I have already had repaired twice. I bought these boots over a year ago, and wore them practically every day except over the summer because I dislike shopping for myself so I tend to wear the same shoes for as long as they will hold together.

At (3) pairs, my shoe collection is smaller than my sisters’ for sure. Probably smaller than most men’s. So it is with no enthusiasm and much reluctance that I direct myself downtown to Century 21 tonight (open till 9PM on Thursdays!)

Shopping is no fun for me. I go into the biggest stores and feel guilty when I don’t find anything I love. And I can’t just like something or see the practical need for it (i.e. pants that aren’t jeans) – I have to fall in love before I’ll take it to the register.

I usually leave stores feeling like a failure and compensate by purchasing a shirt for my bf because I do enjoy picking out men’s clothes.


26-yr old female seeks sturdy, comfortable shoes that mean business to be worn every single day for many years to come. Must go with every possible outfit and resist all weather. Must be bargain priced and lovely. Eye catching, but not obnoxious. Low maintenance with no expectations of being polished. For long long walks all over NYC, occasional evenings out, and rush-hour sprints through the closing subway doors.

Please let a shoe box fall into my arms as soon as I enter the store…and please don’t let it rain tonight because my feet will get wet. And please let there be an empty table at my favorite bubble tea place, Green Tea Cafe, in Chinatown for some after-shopping comfort.


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January 31, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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