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Some Zucchini with my butter?

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I have a long list of things I miss about freelancing full time, but I won’t bore you.

At the moment, I miss the food most of all.

Temporarily working in an office is affording me the luxury to pursue my dream – I must remind myself of this each day. The company covers everybody’s lunch here. Normally I would bring a healthy lunch everyday, but who am I to deny myself this rare perk?

With a staff of mostly men who like their meat, ‘healthy’ is a dirty word: In an effort to stand out in the world of online menus, even the salads come topped with something fried, crusted, or fire kissed and glazed.

At home, food is simple. I wash vegetables and steam them. Make soup, brown rice and chop up fresh fruit. I loved everything about lunch at home and felt energized after.

For me, it is exceedingly difficult to make smart food choices. The novelty of the work I do here is gone; I’m at the stage where lunch is the highlight of the day and words like creamy really catch my eye.

It’s stupid. I consider myself a conscientious eater, but when I’m not the one preparing the food I turn a blind eye.

Dear God of Working from Home, throw me over your shoulder and take me back sooner than later.


Written by abragoes

January 30, 2008 at 3:44 pm

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