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Crushing My Goal – Or Why I am Fabulous

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42 miles for January!

42 miles I ran so far this year.

42 miles is my monthly goal in order to hit 500 for the year. And I did it.

It wasn’t easy. Yesterday was my final 2.9 miles. I loaded up on carbs at lunch for the energy, but pasta makes me sleepy so that backfired.

Then I drug myself to the gym half asleep and whining, wanting nothing more than my PJs, solitude, notebook and wine. But the delight of reaching my goal changed that tune and I chatted with my sisters all evening.

Running regularly has energized the force of my writing. I’m not referring to my craft here, I mean discipline. Running is influencing a practical approach to laying out what needs to be done and doing it whether I’m tired, moody, or need to do laundry.

I’ve tried setting both running and writing goals many times before to no avail. But this feels different because I’m structuring goals with the big picture in mind and concentrating on what I have control over. For instance, I can run 500 miles this year if I have the will and grace of health to do so. I can also write at least 10 queries this month.

I’m not setting instant financial or acceptance goals with my queries because I have no direct control over those things. I am writing queries and stories to the best of my ability with enough belief in myself that I will only get better the more I write.

There are some major submission deadlines coming up in March for playwrights, which I desperately want to submit to. But my script isn’t close to ready. Does anyone know who I can petition for 10 more hours in the day?


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January 29, 2008 at 2:11 pm

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