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No Pre-Rejections

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A leak in my wall kept me from going to the library to do research this weekend. While I waited for the maintenance guy to finish his sausage and cigarette, I went to author Elizabeth Gilbert’s website and got a hefty dose of perspective.


Gilbert is the author of Eat Pray Love, which I just started. She’s also an accomplished journalist who writes with clarity and humor. I went to her page to learn a little more about the articles she’s written, how she got started, and of course what her secret magic trick is for writing so well.


I didn’t get farther that her Thoughts on Writing.


With a small stack of partially written queries at my side I took this statement to heart: Don’t pre-reject yourself.


I was primarily going to the library to research Body and Soul magazine and the Saturday Evening Post. I took the water running down my wall as a reality check. Why would either of these magazines consider my query? They probably won’t even send me a rejection letter. I’m not good enough to ever write for them.


Gilbert points out: someone has to get paid for writing what these magazines publish. Why not me?


You have to at least try, right? Try to give your work a life.


As Elizabeth Gilbert, my new favorite writer says, you are a writer so you promise the universe that you will write. And that’s what you do. You never promised to be a brilliant writer.

Running Update – 39.1 / 500 Abra Miles

Goal for  the month = 42. Almost there!


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January 28, 2008 at 3:19 pm

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