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I have to hand-write every first draft regardless of what I’m writing. As a revisionist, the process of working off of a first draft while typing up my story is a good first, less self-conscious rewrite.

But lately every time I put my pad down, I lose it. When I lose my train of thought or forget an idea before writing it down coherently I let it go and presume it will come back to me if it is really worth writing.

I’m working on three stories about topics that interest me. They don’t keep me up at night, and it does feel like ‘work’ to write about them. But it is work.

Is my body trying to tell me something? Like maybe I need to fit in time for more creative work…

Ever find your body going out of its way to tell your mind something? When they’re not working in conjunction together nothing gets done. I intend to propose a compromise, half an hour of creative writing for every 2 hours of professional writing.

Perhaps a word count would be more effective. I happen to have an insider perspective and know this body can be bribed with wine, ice water, and pistachios.



Written by abragoes

January 24, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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