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think of Mars on January 30

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meteor hitting earth

(artist rendering on CBC news site of a larger asteroid hitting Earth than any that has ever taken place)

Since moving to New York City over ten years ago, I’ve grown accustomed to a never-quite-dark enough night sky. Though I can almost always find the moon, it takes some imagination to see the stars.

A small procrastination stint on the web yesterday led me to the NASA Science News site. I stayed because this counts as peripheral research for the article I’m working on.

One of my sisters will be having a baby this year. There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to teaching the baby, as its favorite aunt, but there are many things I still know so little about myself.

Lately, my pitching has fused with this curiosity to learn as much as I can before another member of my family comes into the world.

If it’s a girl, I’ll call her Lorna (no matter what my sister names her) and if it’s a boy I’ll call him Oliver (no matter what my brother-in-law names him). For now it will be Lorna/Oliver.

If Lorna/Oliver were born today, I’d say in my scariest non-scary voice: Look up on January 30th. There’s a meteor that just may hit Mars creating a crater about a half-mile wide. There’s a 1 in 75 chance the meteor will hit Mars, but scientists don’t know for sure because they haven’t been chasing it long enough to predict it’s path.

I’m sure Lorna/Oliver would come up to the roof of my Brooklyn apartment with me on January 30th and worry about a meteor landing in our living room killing us all, but she won’t be born yet. Luckily, it looks like the month of July will be rich in meteor showers so we can fret together then.

ABRA MILES UPDATE – 29.45 / 500


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January 23, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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