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Stepping into the 21st Centruy, I inherited my first MP3 player! It’s a Philips GoGear. I gave my younger sister an iPod for Christmas, and so she gave me her Philips- which she paid the equivalent of $15 for in HongKong.

Now that music is back in my life, I expect to enjoy running even more. Riding the subway with a book and ear phones should sufficiently insulate me from Chatty Cathys  as well. [Sorry, I am not one of those New Yorkers hoping to make a human connection with a stranger on the subway. My personal bubble is expansive, and I like that.]

Unfortunately, I also inherited her music, which I don’t yet have the heart to delete even though she’s already put it all on her shiny new iPod. How long will I walk around with Ashlee Simpson? Probably another few hours.

First Playlist – Gym songs.

The latest in goals:

Running – 12.1 / 500


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January 14, 2008 at 2:19 pm

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