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book 1 of 52 – This Year Your Write Your Novel

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this year you write your novel
This Year You Write Your Novel by Walter Mosely is the first book I read this year. A sucker for books about writing, I chose this one now because it’s also about committing to your story by sitting down (for an hour and a half) every single day and writing the thing.
Getting the nuts and bolts of bringing a story from idea to page, with as many revisions in between as needed, is what separates people who want to write from people who do.
I’d recommend this book to writers both published and unpublished. There’s no pretension in Mosely’s approach: this book is not a how-to, nor does it wax poetic on the art of writing. No doubt an authority on writing both well and prolifically, Walter Mosely leaves the author-to-be with food for thought if she ever stops writing.
Most of the writing books I pick up hold my attention for a chapter or two before the voice says: ‘Why are you reading about writing. You should be writing.’ That voice either enjoyed the book as much as I, or it’s still on holiday.
This is a quick and delightful read, written by a writer for writers. The goal of writing you novel won’t seem so overwhelming when you read this book. It made me look forward to writing more–the way talking to other writers does.

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January 4, 2008 at 4:40 am

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